Sunday, April 4, 2010


Richard and I just got back from a great week in Mexico! We were there from Saturday to Saturday, along with my cousin and her husband. Wonderful Nana flew in a few days prior so that she could be here with the kids! Even my Aunt (the one who was letting us stay in her condo in Mexico), came to help Nana with the kids for a few days!
We were so lucky to have this wonderful place to go and the support from family to allow us a week long get away, without the kids. It was a GORGEOUS week, but we sure did miss the kids like crazy, so it was nice to come home and wake up this morning to 2 bright shining and excited faces. It helped that it was Easter morning and there was Easter baskets and a jelly bean hunt!
I have lots to catch up with on blogging, so I'll be back soon!

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Courtney said...

oh wow!! that sounds like so much fun! Glad y'all got to go on a little trip :). Super sweet of your Nana and Aunt (but I'm sure they enjoyed their time with your cute kids!).