Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby #3 Journal

November 23rd
39 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
A good 4cm today. I didn't ask about effacement, I know it doesn't REALLY matter. Although he did say he was about -1 station. Which seemed great to me since Brookston was only ever at -3, same with Kaisley. But I remember in labor I was -1 at one point with Kaisley. So I take all of this as a sign of my body being more willing to birth a baby! :)
Richard was able to come to my appointment, so we got to talk a bit, which was always fun!
I'm now teasing that maybe we've got a perfectionist child that wants to be born on his estimated due date! Or, will he tease mommy and stay even longer!?!? Gestationally I've long past when I delivered Kaisley. However gestationally, tomorrow is when Brookston was born! So, come Thursday, Thanksgiving, it will be the longest I've been pregnant!

November 16th
38 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
This week was "a good 3.5cm, maybe 4cm and 80%". Followed by, I'll just call it 3.5cm! Regardless, things are happening, slowly...just waiting for this little guy to decide on his actual birthday! Ever since finding out I was pregnant I said November 19th, which is Friday. I guess we'll see how close I get! Also on November 21st, Sunday, there's a full moon!
Just waiting!!! Come on out when you're ready sweet boy...we're excited to meet you!

November 9th
37 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
This week I moved to "a good 3cm, maybe 3.5cm and 70%". I was sort of thinking the "maybe 3.5" was being nice so I wasn't discouraged with no progress. But, I don't feel discouraged. Shoot, I'm 37 weeks and 3cm and 70%!! Plus, I wouldn't expect a whole lot of action until I'm ACTUALLY in labor! So, I can only expect any non labor progress is minor!
I'm not at the point of, "get him out already!!!", but I am eager to meet him! Plus, I'm excited to see how the whole experience plays out. Like, where I am when labor hits, what time of the day, if Richard will be around or if I'll be calling him home from work (gosh I hope it's the real thing if that happens!). Then things like, will my doctor make it in time? Will labor go very quick again? Will my water break at home? Out? Hospital? Will I have a long pushing phase again? I'm just very excited for our labor and delivery experience, really praying that this is the birth I've been dreaming about!!!

November 2nd
36 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
This week my stats are 3cm and 60% effaced. Doctor commented that I wasn't too thin, so I was a little surprised to hear 60%! Looking back, I was 3cm and 70% the appointment before having Kaisley...so, I'm happy! :) Granted, I know every pregnancy is different and I can maintain these stats now for weeks, but it's exciting to know I'm 3cm down and only 7 to go! He can stay put for a little longer though considering I still have a week til full term and 9 days til my parents arrive!
Unfortunately I'm Group B Strep positive again. Normally this is no big deal. During labor they give you antibiotics every 4 hours and wala, all goes smoothly. Unfortunately with Kaisley's fast labor and poorly placed IV (my wrist during a natural labor!!), I never even received a full first dose and she contracted GBS. This landed her with a week long NICU stay. The thought of another baby in the NICU makes me sick to my stomach! So, please say a prayer that I can get the full amount of antibiotics this time and our little guy can stay healthy and come home with mommy!

October 26th
35 weeks, 1 day - Ultrasound and Doctor's Appointment
For some reason I was a wee bit nervous about the ultrasound today. We had no reason for concern to check on baby via ultrasound, so I knew at 35 weeks this was more of a "just to be sure" type thing. And this is where you can get caught with "big baby" or "low fluid" and so on. But anyway, it was great! Fluid looks great, I think average measurement only put him at 35 weeks and 5 or 6 days, and he's measuring 5 pounds, 15 ounces. Which I'm fully aware could be way off, but if it's correct, it sounds good to me! Kaisley's ultrasound was only 5 days later from this in her pregnancy and she was already estimated at 6 pounds, 13 ounces...so, almost a pound less, just 5 days earlier sounded excellent!

For my appointment I had the swab for Group B Strep...nervous for these results since I was positive for Kaisley and my quick labor she got it at birth, thus giving her a week long NICU stay! :( Then he asked if I wanted to be checked and I figured, you're down there, so why not! My curiosity is too strong to say no! Haha! Figuring I'd be nothing and a hair bummed (although can one really be bummed to not be dilated at 35 weeks?? I mean, I'm only 35 weeks!!!) But, to my surprise he said stretchy (what's that mean!?!?!?) and 2.5cm dilated! WHAT!?!?! Again, FULLY aware this could mean nothing, but it's cool to know my body is already preparing to have a baby! YAY!!!!

October 12th
33 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
Today the main goal was to go over my birth plan. I was pretty confident that my doctor would okay everything I was desiring, especially since 2 awesome friend's (with my doc) shared their birth plans with me and I knew he was okay with what they were asking. So, we went over everything and he said it looked great! Then of course all else looked good, blood pressure, weight, no protein in urine, heartrate, fundal measurement...all good! Two more weeks and I'll be getting an ultrasound of this little man! :)
I followed up my appointment by meeting with a patient rep for the hospital. If you desire a natural birth and/or to use their birth tub, they ask that you meet with this woman. It was very simple and quick, maybe 5 or so minutes. But, she wants a signed copy of my birth plan and to see what my plans are. And since I plan to use their tub, she also likes to have an idea of who is due when, so they can be a little prepared or at least know who wants one when it comes time that they arrive in labor!! :) So, we're good to go as far as that's concerned!

September 28th
31 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
Today was the first day I really had to wait for my doctor. I think it was about an hour...but he was in a delivery...so hey, that will be me one day. And really, an hour is NOT bad!
Great appointment overall. I had some pretty easy questions, like about stopping baby aspirin, starting Evening Primrose Oil, when baby takes final position, a few birth plan related questions since we'll be going over it for the next appointment. He requested "extra time" for my next appointment so we can go over my goals for this birth! :) Looking forward to that discussion!

September 17th
29 weeks, 4 days - First Chiropractor Appointment
Wow, I'm so excited! I've thought for a long time that I may have had a malpositioned baby issue with both Brookston and Kaisley, thus the 2+ hours of pushing with babies that did not want to rotate down, or really decend for that matter. And that maybe I had some hip misalignments that caused their malpositioning. After today's visit, I think I might be right. Apparently I have a super tight piriformis on the right side. And some of the movements that I did I could tell the difference from left and right sides of my body. This muscle links the sacrum/pelvis/hip/femur basically all together. So in labor, sounds like this super tight muscle would make it very difficult for my pelvis to open up like a typical laboring woman. The hope is, after some visits to the chiro, tons of stretching and ice, and some lifestyle changes (like how I sit, carry the kids, carry my purse, stand, and so on)...I can get my hips in line and then stay there...at least for delivery! :)

September 14th
29 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
My doctor just impresses me each visit. Today, I was coming out of the bathroom after my urine sample (which is immediately after checking in at the front desk) and the nurse was ready for me. As I rounded the corner towards my patient room, my doctor was already standing at the door, ready. Oh, and I was 5 minutes early! So, my doc just hung out, waiting for the nurse to finish her thing, then started to ask me about when Richard and I got married, how it was that we ended up in Louisiana since we met in North Carolina, then about Richard's job, and how my life has changed pre kids and post kids. Then, on to the appointment. As always, it was a good chat, very positive and even though I'm gaining weight like it's my job (gulp!!!), he was very positive, especially since he said my blood work was quite impressive!
So, I was there about 25 minutes, and with the doctor seriously the entire time!! Half social, half baby related!

August 31st
27 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
Today was a regular appointment along with the gestational diabetes screening. Well, I already found out I passed, yay! And the appointment was great. My doctor always spends so much time with me, so I had a list of questions that he took good time to answer and talk with me. As usual, I left feeling like a million bucks.
After my appointment my doula also came over to our house and we spent almost 2 hours talking about birthing babies...so you know I loved that!
I'm now on to appointments every 2 weeks. I actually didn't expect that quite so soon, but that will give me some good time to ask all of the pending questions I'm sure I will be coming up with. Plus, I need to actually get a birth plan in order this time...doctor's suggestion, so I know I'm not being silly! :)

August 5th
23 weeks, 3 days - Daddy feels baby boy kick
FINALLY! Daddy was able to feel our baby boy kick! It's been a long time coming for this pregnancy! Since the placenta is in the front this time, feeling movement has been a lot more minimal so far. However I have been feeling movement on the outside for a couple of weeks, it's just a matter of timing. Baby boy seems to be MOST active around 3ish maybe. And the ideal time for Daddy to feel is bed time. So, it wasn't until 23 weeks that he finally got to feel baby boy move! YAY!

August 3rd
23 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment and Ultrasound
We did a repeat ultrasound today since our little guy was hiding his face last time. This time, he decided to hide again, but eventually came out to show us his nasal bone and lip, which both looked good! Yeah! I was told that he's estimated at 1 pound, 6 ounces(which would be 58th percentile)...so that's nice to hear! Although we know to take that for what it's worth...an estimate! His heartrate was in the low 150's.
Then, I met with my doc. It was a GREAT appointment. One of those that I didn't realize how much we had talked and I had to litterally RUN out of there so I wasn't late picking up Brookston from school! But anyway, we got to talk a lot. I only had a couple of questions, but it was just one of those days that a question or two lead to a few other things to discuss and I felt like a million bucks after leaving today. He's just so supportive, encouraging, and positive. A couple things that he said that I loved: Vaginal birth is always his goal and he works really hard for every woman to have that. And every woman is different, so we really just need to listen to you and your body during labor! It's amazing how much a doctor like him can do for confidence. Oh, and I was measuring right at 23 weeks (by fundal height). I was actually a bit shocked to hear that as I feel like I'm so high...but, I guess it's normal! :) Yes, even with #3 I'm still questioning if I'm "normal"!

July 6th
19 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment and Ultrasound
First we had our "20 week" ultrasound. It was a great ultrasound with a mostly cooperative little BOY!!!! Granted we didn't find out he was a boy right away, but when the tech went to look, he was showing us easily! YAY! We are really excited that baby #3 is a boy!
We saw a great heart, brain, stomach, kidneys, liver, lungs, arms, legs...the only thing they couldn't see was the baby's face. So we need to go back next month to get a peek at the lip and nose! I'm TOTALLY okay with that, becasue it means another little peak as my sweet little guy!
I believe we found out the placenta is anterior (in the front), which is probably why this one doesn't feel as active as Brookston or Kaisley. I do feel movement and I even felt it early, but here at 19 weeks, I don't feel like he's just partying in there like the others. Chances are he is, but the placenta is blocking a little of that!
Heart rate today was 157bpm.
Baby was measuring 11 ounces.
Then we met with my doctor. Again, a great meeting, although today I didn't have too many questions. It was pretty standard with a couple questions. Richard was able to come with us, which was nice since he can't come all of the time!

June 8th
15 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
Today's appointment was great. Baby seems to be doing well with a heartbeat of 160bpm today. My blood pressure was great and weight gain is normal! And Kaisley even behaved herself as she sat next to me in her stroller! ;) It helps that they are quick with wait time. I think I waited approximately 6 minutes in the waiting room and another 3 in the exam room. And my OB even apologized for the wait...ummm, sure, no problem! Compared to the 2 hours I waited for the doc I saw with Brookston, I will not even BEGIN to complain about a 9 minute wait! LOL!
I had a great chat with my OB today (have I mentioned that I love him???), including getting the number for a student doula that we had talked about in the previous appointment. I had a doula with Kaisley's delivery and I'd LOVE one again, but, well, they aren't cheap! So, since students are still in training, most do not charge!! True, they do not have as much experience (oh, except the fact that she's a labor and delivery nurse!!!!), but to have someone supporting me and backing my desires will be great. Hopefully I'll be in touch with her soon! I'm looking forward to meeting her, talking about my goals, and seeing if we click like I did with my last doula!

June 7th
15 weeks - Felt movement!
Both today and yesterday I felt some baby movement!! Yesterday I was using my doppler and heard a swooshing sound, associated with movement and then at that same time felt a little something. I stopped the doppler to just lay still and felt it more, and more, and more. Again today, around the same time in the evening I was sitting still and felt that same feeling. Yup, it's the little one saying hi! I felt both Brookston & Kaisley at about 15 1/2 weeks, so this little one is just a couple days sooner! :) I can't wait to feel more!

May 11th
11 weeks, 1 day - Doctor's Appointment
Heard that sweet beating heart for the first time at the doctor's office, 172bpm. But, of course I had just heard it an hour and a half earlier at home, ;) that way I wouldn't be as nervous if he didn't find it right away, but he did!
Can I tell you how much I LOVE my OB? He is AMAZING! I was able to go to the appointment with no kids, since Grandpa Bob babysat for me. So, I was able to do some good talking with him! He is so wonderful! We talked about being baby #3, being another VBAC, and wanting to be natural til the end (not 90 minutes into the pushing phase because I was scared by the clock). We talked about baby positioning and posibilities before and during labor. Hey, gotta start thinking about this now! He's totally on board with a VBAC, a natural birth and the biggy for me, he will let me push until I get the baby out, not for "2 hours" because that's a typical "time limit". Having such an amazing provider, I'm already so excited about this birth!

May 2nd
9 weeks, 6 days - Annoucements!
We annouced to friends and family at the end of Brookston's birthday party. Followed by annoucing it through emails, facebook and blog!

Week of April 26th
We shared the news with the siblings we could get in person!

April 25th
8 weeks, 6 days - Heartbeat on doppler & telling parents
Tonight I tried the doppler again (not really thinking much would happen) and within seconds I found that beautiful sound. Whoa, no way!!!!! That was too easy! No doubt in my mind this time though and I heard it for over a minute. So I counted a little over 160bpm! Wow, I'm not even 9 weeks! YAY! So, we did a video chat with Nana and Papa to share our news!

April 23rd
8 weeks, 4 days
The shirts I ordered for the kids arrived early! A FULL WEEK early! I have a doppler sitting in my bed side table just waiting for me. But being that the shirts weren't due to arrive until 9 1/2 weeks and that was our "annoucement", I wasn't tempted. Now, with the shirts in hand, I'm tempted. I admit, I pulled out the doppler, only for 3 or 4 minutes, but I think I heard a few beats! Hmmm, not sure, that's probably crazy to think I heard it!

April 16th
7 weeks, 4 days - 2nd ultrasound
Heartrate: It was there and that's all I remember!!!!!
Measuring: 7 weeks, 4 days by one measurement and 7 weeks, 5 days...exactly where I thought I should have been at this point. Also, in just 7 days time, that's 11-12 days of growth. However, it really made me think the tech just had trouble getting the measurement last week! Thank God!

April 9th
6 weeks, 4 days - First ultrasound
Heartrate: 135bpm
Measuring: 6 weeks, 0 days. I was NOT happy about this. We're not talking measuring 4 days behind because "every woman's cycle is different". If you want to use that as an excuse, I should be 7 weeks, 5 days today. But for ME, I should be 6w4d-6w6d and measuring this far behind has not proved to end well for me in the past. Luckily my new OB (yes, I've changed AGAIN), did not want me going for 4 weeks not feeling confident, so I go back next week.
Pro: Great heartrate and the tech kept mentioning when she was measuring that she was having trouble seeing where the baby ended because it was right up against the wall...this seemed to be KEY! Possible tech error!?!?
Con: At 6 weeks, babies don't vary much. Being 4-6 days off at 6 weeks is kind of a lot. We're not taking genetics into account like we would when the baby is 20-30 weeks and some babies are just bigger/smaller!

March 27th
4 weeks, 5 days - Off to Mexico
Our plans won't really change other than the 3-4 alocholic drinks I may have had over the course of the week will now be non alcoholic...but, no big deal! Also, all of the activities we're planning will not be a problem, with a bean so small and snuggled nice and safe in there, there will be no problems with what we have in our plans! YAY! Luckily little one, going to Mexico already! And yay for a week full of fun to distract me from one of the hardest weeks of waiting!

March 23rd
4 weeks, 1 day
I decided to not do blood work this time. In 5 pregnancies this is the first time I've not done blood work. I hope I don't regret it!

March 22nd
4 weeks - Positive Pregnancy Test
I was celebrating my birthday tonight with my friends and I needed to know if I was having drinks with or without alcohol...without it is!!!! Luckily I don't think anyone suspected my non alocholic daquari since I made it to the resaurant and had a little chat with the bartender first!

Here's the proof:
So the first test I took (okay, first 2 tests), I really struggled...was that a line? Was I making it up? Being this light, that was a little annoying, it's not like I'm testing 5 days early! ARG...I need a better test. So after lunch, I headed to the store to get a "real" test. Never again will I test with the dollar store cheapies!Oh, here we go! Now THIS line came up within seconds! Thank you! WAHOO!!!


Sara said...

How fun! I am so excited for you - and what a relief to hear that precious heartbeat. Sounds like you have a very supportive OB!

Kim said...

*mouth dropped* CONGRATS!! I had no idea!

Heather said...

yay for heartbeats and good docs! Glad your new doc is so supportive. I'm not as passionate about VBAC or natural, but it was a relief to know that my doc is supportive of at least trying for a VBAC!

If a third pregnancy is as much faster than the second as the second pregnancy is faster than the first (did you follow that?) you'll be having this baby in NO TIME!

Unknown said...

WOW! That was some fun reading and good pictures to see. A new grandbaby! YIPPEE!! We are so delighted!! xo

Julie said...

I'm so happy to hear that every thing is on course and going well. Can't wait to read even more as things keep progressing. :)

Snugglewormy said...

I am soooo excited for you Michelle. Keeping my fingers crossed everything will go well. Keep up the updates

Amanda said...

I'm still so excited!