Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mike the Tiger Playing - SO COOL!!!!

We went to visit Mike the Tiger after dropping Brookston off at school today. I've heard there was a guy that was buddy buddy with Mike and would come around every day at 9am to play with him. I can't believe we've never gone at this time. Turns out this guy used to go by every day, but he told us he is no longer able to go daily. So, I guess we were lucky to be there on a day he came to play.

This first video is a little over a minute. It was their first interaction of the day and we weren't sure if this guy was the one Mike played with. VERY COOL to see Mike really playing with this one guy in particular...he certainly doesn't play like this with just anyone...

These next 2 videos are just 15-20 seconds long...of the good parts....

Okay seriously...was that not just awesome?!?!?!?

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