Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kaisley's 18 month pictures

Kaisley wasn't quite in the mood to be photographed today. I guess it helped keep our costs down! LOL! It wasn't that she was in a bad mood, she just had NO desire to stay on the back drops or look towards the camera. She was either having fun, being cute and smiling when she was on the opposite side of the studio. Or, she was right by the back drop with the props, but looking down or with her back towards the camera.

The photographer certainly worked HARD to get some shots and she did get some "cute" ones. But, I just kept thinking they really weren't HER! The photographer tried to sell me saying, well, this is just her at 18 months, but it's not. Looking at the smiles and expressions in those pictures, it just didn't say, "My Happy Kaisley".

Here she is...18 months:

This is the one that I felt like was mostly her smile and expression, so this was our package.

This is an example of how it seemed, cute, but just not her happy, beautiful, usual smile.

Sort of close to "her"....a little of her mischievous side! :)

And of course now she's running around me, smiling with those priceless faces that make me smile back with love, and she's just being so cute! I wish we could have captured THAT!


Mami said...

She looks adorable!
Wow 18 months I cannot believe it!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! They came out great though! Last Christmas we had some taken and there was one of Carter that had the sweetest most perfect lil smile. While I LOVE that pic, its not hime. We had another one with the goofiest grin and I told everyone "THAT is Carter!"

Our 3 little blessings said... she a doll. She looks so stinkin' cute!!!