Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Early December Pictures

Brookston and Kaisley LOVE their pillow pets!!! One of Richard's sweet coworkers bought these for them...I'd say they are a BIG hit, ya think?

Sutton's lips and cheeks are just SO kissable!
And yes, he's in a pink chair...what can I say, it happens with #3! Sorry buddy, but I promise you will NOT wear any pink clothes!

Daddy and his baby boy

I love when Brookston and Kaisley hold Sutton together!

I thought these little "scoop me up" footed PJ's were just fun! Brookston especially liked them because they have tractors and diggers all over them!

Sutton's first Christmas party!

Kaisley on duty as big sister!

Sutton wrapped like a burrito after bath
(The spiked hair is when it's at it's cleanest!)

Baby yoga maybe?

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