Monday, December 20, 2010

Sutton and Santa

Last week I took Sutton & Kaisley to see Santa while Brookston was at school. Kaisley was only interested in waving, and getting a candy cane. I was ok with that, since it allowed Sutton to get his first picture taken with just him and Santa!

Today I took all 3 kids to see Santa! At first Brookston was resistant and I worried my plan would be a bust. I quickly realized that he just needed to "play" first! Too many cars, trucks, shooting ranges, and fishing games that needed to be visited. Then he was easily convinced to sit with Santa and give him the wish Kaisley super super eagerly followed. She was actually almost worried and whining when Santa didn't pick her up immediately!

After a kiddo was on each of Santas legs, I was a bit worried when Santa offered out his hands to hold Sutton between the kids...I was hesitant to back away from the picture! Eeek, please hold him tight Santa!!

I love how both Kaisley and Brookston are very actively holding Sutton they've done this holding a baby, while posing for a picture before!

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Courtney said...

Such a cute pic with all of the it!