Saturday, April 9, 2011

3-4 year old soccer

Brookston started soccer with the YMCA this spring. SO CUTE to watch 3 & 4 year olds playing soccer. It's actually a lot more "organized" than I thought it would be. Of course the goal is only to kick the ball. There are no positions and there's barely an understanding of not stealing it from your own team for some kids. Or, mine we need to work on, don't just let the other team pass you by! As sweet as it is to see, this isn't a game of taking turns! :)

For the first game, Brookston was a part of the coin toss!

One of his best friend's from school was on the other team

I find this picture me it looks like all of the kids are just looking at the ball, not a single one appears to be going for it!

Before the second game, we had team they are, in all their cuteness!

My soccer playing boy!

And here he is in action!

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