Friday, April 1, 2011

Room transitions

Until recently Sutton was perfectly happy in our room and it was going well. Mostly because he was not a fan of sleeping in long stretches, so mommy liked having him right there! But a couple weeks ago, not only was he not sleeping in long stretches, he just plain old wasn't sleeping!

Something needed to change because mama was lucky to get 3-4 hours of sleep, broken up 6-8 times in an 8 hour stretch. So after 2 weeks of that, we decided to make the big room transition!'s Sutton happily wrapped like a burrito in his crib!

But, in order to get Sutton into the crib we had to get Kaisley into the BIG GIRL bed!!!!

And she's doing great!!! Not only is she in her big girl bed, but she's also in Brookston's room. Honestly, this was a huge, scary step for me. I pictured the worst and what do you know, it's been amazingly perfect. (Knock on wood!) They've shared their room all week and so far, they've only needed a few gentle reminders that it was time for bed, not play!

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