Monday, July 30, 2012

The beach trip

The beach trip was almost a month ago now, but we've been having too much fun this summer and I haven't sat down and organized all of my pictures until now!  We went to a great resort style place in Florida that was right on the beach, but also had pools.  One of which I posted a lot of pictures below because it was PERFECT!  The water was only about 8-10 inches deep, so I didn't feel as stressed with 3 kids who need to either be assisted or watched like a hawk!

Pretty much every day was:  Wake up, go to the beach, go to the pools, eat lunch, nap.  Go back out to the beach, then back to the pools, dinner, bed.

  My friend goes to this resort almost every year and asked if we'd be interested in joining their family.  They have a 7 year old boy, almost 5 year old girl, and almost 2 year old boy.  They also brought their 3 nieces to help, since they are teenagers.  Everyone had a great time together and it was a perfect vacation!

Checking out a hermit crab they found

Sutton and mommy in the ocean...he LOVED jumping the waves

Mr. Chad playing in the sand with Sutton and Brookston

Kaisley enjoying her time at the ocean

Brookston burried his legs in the sand

Sutton loving the waves coming up to get him

Daddy and Mr. Chad with their big trenches they dug with the kids

Brookston, Kaisley and Ashlynn..they got along beautifully!

Jonathan, Brookston and Kaisley digging in the sand

The crew coming down the lazy river

Playing in one of the pools

Brookston going down the slide in the kid pool

Brookston and Kaisley in the kid pool

Kaisley doing her main pose in the kid pool

Ashlynn, Brookston, and Kaisley

Brookston, Ashlynn, and Kaisley...again!

Sutton loved this pool

Sutton playing in the dry area

Kaisley...posing again!!!

Brookston (notice he has his life jacket on, everywhere!  He never wanted it off!)

The kids in our condo!

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