Saturday, October 12, 2013

1 month

It's amazing that Rinley is already a month!! Well, she was for these pictures on the 9th. She's an amazingly good sleeper, to the point where I'm always eager for my midwife to come weigh her...then I realize she's obviously fine!! She's 11lbs 2oz at one month old! That's 2 pounds in a month! And 23 inches long. 

The big kids love her to pieces. Sutton claims her as "my baby", Kaisley will always be the first to help, and Brookston can spend forever gazing in her eyes. It's so sweet how much they all love her unconditionally. 

She does great riding around town in the car (thankfully because we do a lot of that with the big kids), as long as she's fed. She sleeps long chunks at night (as long as mommy is close by). She smiles SO easily (and has for weeks!). And she loves her paci! Yay! 

Rinley's thoughts on already being one month old!!

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