Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rinley's first vacation

Rinley is ready for her first trip to Dis.ney Wor.ld!

She actually could ride quite a few things! Here are the girls on Dumbo! 

She also rode Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, It's a Small World, Buzz Lightyear, People Mover and others. And there's a number more she can do next time, since they don't move fast, it's more just what you see!

The after the ride picture our kids always want to take. We had to let Rinley join in (and mommy too since she was on me!)

We joined our friends on their family trip. So here is Kaisley with their daughter. (It was still really HOT, or rather, humid!) 

Rinley snoozing!

Our first family of 6 picture with mickey. And honestly, I think our first family of 6 picture. And it was blurry. :(

The big kids meeting lots of characters! We didn't get our signature books until 1 or 2 trips ago. So, they kids are enjoying getting signatures!

 With our friends!

We did the trick or treating and these two were OUT!!!

Mickey really liked Rinley!

Family photo take 2! A little better!

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