Saturday, November 2, 2013

A little of everything

Our sweet heart!

Rinley and Daddy at our weekly dinner out

Kaisley with her classmates during their Halloween singing show for the parents (she's in the middle in a Minnie Mouse shirt)

Brookston with some friends and their Halloween party pumpkins

Rinley's 1st Halloween

Halloween with friends!
An angel, Batman, Blue Power Ranger, baby girl, Pink Minnie Mouse, Dusty crew

The girls having their sweet time together! Kaisley is an amazing big sister. Always wanting to hold Rinley, sing to her, and her latest is helping to put her to sleep!

The girls hanging out in the shade at soccer

Cheering on Brookston playing soccer

Kaisley (back row, 4th) and Sutton (front row, 1st) with their soccer team

Brookston (front and center) with his soccer team

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