Sunday, November 24, 2013

A little this, a little that

Our last number of weeks are boxes, boxes, boxes, since we just moved. So, when we got more boxes (from new car seats), the kids finally started to play with them! As usual with kids, an entire day, all we needed were 3 boxes!

And a little packing paper!

Oh that baby melts my heart daily!

Sutton wore this hat for about 36 hours straight! He didn't take it off his entire day at school, took his nap in it, and brought it to bed!

She is our first baby to just plain old fall asleep when she's tired! One minute she's playing, the next she's quietly asleep! Such an easy baby!!

Loved her expression here!

Kids night! 

Sutton for a Dusty balloon! Which was not bad considering the balloon guy hasn't even seen the movie planes before!

My baby!!!

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