Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2 years old

My baby is 2!!!!  How is that even possible.  It was just yesterday that I was planning for her birth and now, I don't have a baby anymore!!!

I'm trying to focus on how exciting it will be, as the days go on, to move towards big kid stuff all of the time.  But I'm also REALLY REALLY sad that there are no babies in our house and there will not be any babies at our house!

She had a fun birthday though.  We did the mouse park the weekend before.  So that was a lot of her celebration.  But she enjoyed her day as well.  Presents in the morning and Rai.nforest Cafe for dinner.

I made her 5 medium sized Mickey cakes (and since I'm playing catch up here in October, she's still excited about her Mickey cake!)  :)  She was really excited about the cakes, but it had to be Mickey, not Minnie!  :)

Sept 9

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