Monday, September 7, 2015

Our last trip for a long long time

Our annual passes were about to expire and it was little R's second birthday just a couple days we went for one last trip to the mouse amusement park.  We've been there so many times, but we tried to make this last trip a little different and do some special stuff.  The kids knew it was our "last trip for a long long time", because we don't plan on buying tickets ANY time soon. 

So we visited the parks that we sometimes would skip if we were only there for a weekend.  Or the parks we would sometimes do on Sunday, because if we were leaving around 2:00 that day, it would be our short day.  And this trip, we had the full day...which gave us some more flexibility to see some stuff we hadn't seen, and done some things we didn't normally do!

We had done this lunch, but it's of course a hit with characters.

The boys got to be Jedi's in training!!  So cool!  S was excited to be up there, training, but once it was his turn to battle, he took off!!!!  He was done!  B was very focused and he was obviously paying attention in training, because I must say, he rocked it!!!  He knew exactly what darth was going to do and he was ready to battle his every move.  He even got to use some special force (see, I know nothing about hopefully this will just spark our's the guys in the white!)  But he was the only kid to use his force field on them after he did his battle.  He was spot on and quite impressive!  ;)

We made sure to see lots of characters and did another meal, the one at the revolving restaurant. At first it wasn't rotating...that was kind of a bummer.  But after about 20 minutes it got going.  The kids were really excited about that.  And R had a blast at this dinner seeing everyone!  She even got a signed card for her birthday from the characters at dinner.

Another fun dinner and another signed card from some of her favorites!   Such a lucky little girl. I'm sure she won't remember her second birthday, but hopefully seeing these pictures, she can look back and see what a special little 2 year old she is!

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