Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting This Girl Thing Down

A funny little story...

When I was pregnant with Kaisley and we found out she was a girl, within 24 hours I was off to go shopping for her first girly outfit or dress. Of course, isn't that what pregnant women do?

So, I was in the store, looking around, totally intimidated by the pink, the bows, the ruffles, the lace, the bloomers, the butterflies and ladybugs and I couldn't find anything. Now I laugh, what woman has a hard time finding a dress for a baby girl?!!?! What was wrong with me?
Anyway, I got totally flustered and ran over to the toddler boy department and instead bought something for Brookston!

Well, I must say, with a little coaching from friends and a new appreciation for how fun dresses and bows really are....I think I've done quite well....

Seriously, how stinking cute is she??

Hmm, she almost looks, I'll love to dress her up and she'll hate it!

Mama and kiddos


Reid said...

She's precious!!
I will admit, although I did go wild buying clothes, I didn't buy frilly stuff.....and as a result, Gracie doesn't like hair bows or frilly dresses....sigh.

Kim said...

So very cute!!

You never know, of my girls one is a total tomboy (starting to go girly) and one is a totally girly girl. I dressed both of them up in cute little dresses and bows when they were little. One hated it so bad she would roll in the dirt, totally not kidding.

Unknown said...

the dress looks GREAT!! So cute!! You and Kaisley match!!

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty :) I love dressing Peyton up! Love the pic of you and the kids! They are hard to capture in my house!

Sara said...

I LOVE her little outfit! It is so cute. :)
I have discovered with my baby showers that people love to buy clothes for girl babies. Good grief - Payton's closet is filling up quickly. I kind of wish more people had gotten us onesies and the such!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great!!! I love it! I can't believe your kids are getting so big! Kaisley is precious!..and so is Brookston of course! :)