Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Evil Piggy

Well, H1N1 has attacked my circle of friends! So far, 3 little ones that we know tested positive and we were hanging out with them on Saturday (before anyone had symptoms so who knew!!!). So we went to the doctor today after very very mild symptoms for Brookston (little cough and a 99 degree temp in the wee hours of the morning) and what do you know...Brookston tested positive!
We didn't even test Kaisley...maybe I should have. But at her age, she can't have the "good meds" like Brookston can. So, I pray she doesn't get it!

Send us healthy and mild vibes please!!!


D said...

Hope it passes out of your house with little more then a few rough days (((hugs))) Hope everyone is better soon and it stays away from Kaisley.

Sara said...

Hope Brookston gets to feeling better! Keep Kaisley healthy!