Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another tooth, oh my!

Just a month ago, Kaisley only had 2 teeth. The bottom front ones. I was wondering how slow this process would be, until this month...she's gotten 5 more!!!!
About a month ago, the next teeth to make their appearances were the second from the middle teeth, on the top, on both sides (kind of a funny picture when I thought about those two teeth coming in all the way before the middle two). But it's been such a slow process that the middle right one had time to sort of catch up when it arrived about 2 weeks later. Still no middle left tooth. HOWEVER the top molars on both sides have bust through this week too!
So....from 2 teeth last month, to 7 teeth this month...oh my! I guess I'll give her a little slack since she's been waking up more at night this week.


Allison said...

PICS???? :)

Michelle said...

Well, you can still mostly only see the bottom two that have been there since she was 7 months old...the other 5 are slow in coming in and still just pokes. Give it another month and she'll visibly have a mouth full! :)