Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spray Park and Little Gym

I'm a little behind in posting. Last week we went to the spray park for the first time this season. Now we've been 3 times in one week! :) This place is great! It was Kaisley's first time being able to actually play and I'm pretty sure she's a fan!

Okay, lots of pictures....

Last year Brookston was all about cups and buckets, so I came armed, 2 cups and a bucket. This time he really had fun with some cars...figures, time to go to Target!

She got pretty brave going through the water!

Waiting for the water to pop back up!


Okay, next was Little Gym, show off day! It was today! Look at me blogging the DAY something happened! ;)

Anyway, show off day is the day you invite people to come watch, so it was crowded! Daddy was able to come, so Brookston DID show off, which was great!

As usual, Kaisley trying to be like the big kids!

Okay, here goes the forward roll on the beam....Go Brookston!!


And then a flip over the bar...

I just thought this was adorable! Love my little girl!

Brookston and his friend, Ashlynn, playing on the bars together.

Brookston with his medal and award!


Sara said...

Look at Brookston with his little award! So adorable! I love that splash park - I am taking Payton to the pool for the first time this weekend. Yay summer!

Snugglewormy said...

where is the spray park, Michelle. I think Hannah and Ivan would love it.

Snugglewormy said...

where is the spraypark michelle?

Julie said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had a great time! The kids are getting so big. :)

Michelle said...

Lilian, I know we facebooked, I just didn't want anyone else to think I was ignoring your question asking where it was! :) :)

Cindy said...

Too cute! I wish we had a spraypark around here...that looks like so much fun! And Brookston looks like he had a blast showing off at the gym!

Snugglewormy said...

I went to the spray park wit Ivan yesterday and he LOVED it. I'll probably go back on sunday with both kids to keep them busy while marc does open house. thanks for the posting. I would never have found it by myself.