Saturday, May 8, 2010

Strawberry Pickin!

About 45 minutes away is a great strawberry patch. We've never been to visit, but tons of our friends have gone yearly and we knew we were missing out! So, this is possibly the last, maybe the second to last weekend since strawberry season is already coming to a close here, so we enjoyed a morning of strawberry picking, followed by lunch and a visit to the fish at Bass Pro Shop! :) Brookston's request!

Brookston was ready to find some yummy strawberries

He went straight to work!

And when we told him he could eat them, he sure did!

Kaisley went straight for eating!

And she never really stopped!

Daddy picking strawberries with the kids!

Break/eating time!

Kaisley finally pitching in

Mommy with the kiddos in the strawberry patch

Proof that Kaisley enjoyed herself!

And now we have TONS of strawberries, in the freezer, fridge and thanks to friends, tons of ideas of how to use them in cooking! Hmmm, what all will we be making? Maybe we should have gotten 2 flats afterall! :)

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Cindy said...

It looks like you had such a good time!!! I love the red rings around Kaisley's mouth! And I'm glad that Richard jumped in there and got a picture of you with the kids! I've noticed that I'm hardly ever in the pictures with Hannah...I guess I need to pass the camera off to Nate more often!