Friday, July 23, 2010

North Carolina - Tweetsie Railroad

We just got home from a 2 week vacation to North Carolina, to visit Nana and Papa. Daddy was able to join us for week one, while the kids and I stayed for an additional week.

Our first stop was Tweetsie Railroad, a kiddo theme park, designed around an old coal train. We did a countdown until our trip to NC for almost 3 weeks! And each day I asked Brookston what we were counting down until, he said to visit Nana and Papa and to go on the train. He was SO excited about the train. When we first arrived he was so eager to get on, he sat down so excited, all smiles...until the whistle blew...then it was all over. He is very sensitive to loud noises and that ruined it for him, he hid in Nana's lap, covering his ears then entire ride.

Mommy and Kaisley on the big train

Nana and Brookston on the big train (before the whistle blew) see the HAPPY face!
Luckily there was plenty more to do and he had a blast with everything else!

Flying the airplane

After his airplane ride

Brookston driving the car with Nana

Flying the fighter jet with determination

Riding the boat...and ringing the bell

Panning for gold

Kaisley just playing in water

Now this train Brookston was excited about!

Our family on the train

Kaisley helping to push Brookston at the playground

Feeding the animals (in ice cream cones)

Papa, Brookston, and Nana on the chairlift

Even Kaisley did the chair lift!

Daddy & Kaisley and Brookston on the horses


Julie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Its always nice to go and visit family. :)

Cassie said...

AHHH! You were THISCLOSE to me!!!!! :(

Glad you had a great time here in NC!! :) :)