Thursday, July 29, 2010

North Carolina - Beach

The second half of our stay in North Carolina Daddy had to head back home to work. But Mommy, Brookston, Kaisley and Nana headed to the beach. Papa joined us for the weekend.
Last fall Brookston had a blast in the sand. But he was very fearful of the water after his first attempted ended in a wipeout! This year, on day one he stayed away from the water and both kids just played in the sand and a big old tub full of water. But, by day 2, both kids started getting brave and having fun in the ocean!

The big bucket of water...hours of entertainment!

Happy Hour on the beach...Kaisley's way of "chillin"

Brookston being Mr. Cool

The first day of the kids and their new love for the ocean!

Brookston jumping waves with Papa

Brookston heading to the beach

Kaisley headed to the beach (just like her brother, of course!)

Brave little girl, testing the water

More fun in the water

Mommy and Brookston waiting for the water to get us!

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