Saturday, July 24, 2010

North Carolina - Marbles Museum

I could tell you about the hundreds of things to do at this awesome kids muesum! Seriously, we could have gone back for 3 days in a row and still not done it all. We probably should have gone again during our visit! We also went last summer during our visit, but this year Kaisley was old enough to enjoy, along with Brookston of course! There is just so much fun stuff to do, it's really just a blast!
I tried to limit myself from the 60 pictures I could post...

Dressed and ready to hop on the fire truck

Kaisley feeding the little piggy a bottle

Kaisley was playing in the garden...all over the place!

Brookston enjoyed dressing up and coming out onto stage...I think he enjoyed the attention when he came out from behind the curtain!

Water time!

Kaisley ended up soaked!! No big shocker there!

Surfing was a blast!

Brookston and daddy at the work bench

Kaisley loved the room full of balls!!!! They were EVERYWHERE and there was a million things to do with them, places to put them, things to climb name it!

Kaisley playing doctor

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