Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last weekend at the pool

We joined our neighborhood pool this summer and what a great decision! We've had a blast and we're so sad that this is the last weekend! We've tried to make the most of these last two weekends by scheduling times and barbques up there with some of the neighbors we regularly see while swimming. So, it's been a fun way to spend these last weekends, seriously going up every chance we get!

In all of the times we've gone up there though, I can't believe I've never brought our camera!! So, today I tried to take a few pictures to have proof of their happy pool faces!

He's so happy in the water!

Kaisley's new "cheese" face!!
In the last couple visits Kaisley's really been having fun! Most of the summer she enjoyed hanging out along the side, listening to the music and dancing, and teasing us that she was going to jump in on the side (although she never did).

Kaisley and her friend, Bennett!

Brookston and Daddy

Kaisley giving Daddy kisses

Daddy with both kiddos

Playing in the big pool!

This is a little random, but now that we're selling our boat, the kids have been obsessed with "driving" it, playing in it, and just wanted to sit in it! Snapped a few cute ones of them, so I had to share a sibling moment! :)

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Allison said...

Love the pics! Such cute kiddos! :)