Friday, September 3, 2010

New Windows, new paint!

I realize for a post like this to really show anything to anyone else, I probably should have taken before and after pictures...and I did think about it. But, it never happened. I guess I didn't think I'd be so excited about it that I'd want to blog about it...but I am!

We got new windows installed today and wow...I can't even tell you how fresh it looks! We went from a dingy rustic color with cross beams to all white and all window!

Plus, a couple weeks ago we went from dark green shutters and doors, to RED! And all of the trim was beige and it's now WHITE! It looks SO's fresh and updated!!! I never thought I'd really be so excited about paint and windows...guess that's what being a 30 year old home owner is all about!

Hmmm, sorry, I needed to move those still beige plant potters out of the picture...but, they are HEAVY! Guess we still need to paint those white to really be complete!

Just another view of the fresh windows! And white trim!!!

So I had to find SOMETHING...please excuse the fact that it's night time and it's Christmas lights. But, see the dark green color and the dark metal windows with cross beams! Big difference right?


Liz said...

HUGE difference - I haven't seen your house for a long time and I noticed. It looks AWESOME! You must be so excited! =)

Amanda said...

Looks good!