Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kaisley gets her medal!

Kaisley had her end of semester award's show was this week. She attended class as the little sister for so long, then she did an 8 week trial last fall. So this was her first semester, in which she gets her very own medal. And in perfect timing because she sure was checking out Brookston's soccer medal from the other weekend!

Flying during warm ups!

The second best part of class (the best is bubbles!)

Rolling through the hoop with Ms. Erin!

She loves the hoola hoop!

Doing her own trick!

Doing a trick for Ms. Erin!

Receiving her award (she was just standing there starring off to the back of the was quite funny! She barely moved a muscle up there!)

Playing "drums" at the end of class!

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Jenny said...

We want Olivia to get into a class like that, we just can't find one that works with our schedule and budget - what a fun time!