Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fishing at Lake Bruin

Last week we headed up to visit "Yaya" & "Papa". These are the parents of our friends. We've tagged along with our friends a number of times to visit Yaya and Papa at their lake house, but a few times they've been so sweet as to invite us up, just our family (since their kids are far, FAR away)! We have a blast on our little vacation and we enjoy visiting with them so much!

I decided I'd split up our lake trip in a few posts...that way I'm more likely to actually post. I'll get them up quick and not have to think "when will I have time to go through ALL of those pictures and do a big old post!"

So, first up is fishing.....

The first day, mid morning it rained a little bit...but it was PERFECT for fishing. The kids did great and were catching a BUNCH!

They fished on and off ALL week...and did pretty well!

This was a required picture. We have one of Brookston when he was a baby (although he was maybe 4 weeks old at the time), as well as Kaisley as a baby. So, daddy made sure to take Sutton fishing at Lake Bruin as well. It was rather entertaining though...he really wanted to help!

Okay, so this is a little swimming too...

And I just couldn't resist this cuteness!

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