Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who needs baby food?

After night number 1 of solid food (cereal) going okay, night number 2 was only so so. Then, thing pretty much went down hill! I gave it a break after a few days of totally no success, then decided to try veggies. Maybe a little more flavor? Or maybe the cereal bothered him? I started with squash, he liked it! Night #1 was great, #2 was so so, #3 was pretty good. So, on to sweet potatoes. No go! That was tonight. He took maybe 2-3 bites, but after that, it was back to him sticking his tongue out and not wanting anything to do with it. Other than getting the spoon from me...then starring ME down as I ate!

So, I gave him a corn on the cob. He was in heaven! So, it sounds like possibly "Baby Lead Weaning" may be what he likes the best! Baby Lead Weaning is where you skip baby food and just give them real food to start exploring textures in full form, not mush. They gum things, suck on things and eventually learn to chew and bite pieces. It may be a slow start, but he seems much happier when he's gotten a hold of mamas apple, daddy's cantelope or given his very own corn!

Please see my posts below....I had a busy blogging night! ;)

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Jenny said...

That is awesome!