Thursday, August 25, 2011


When Brookston's 1st birthday was coming around, I somehow got it into my head to make this awesome 3D duck cake that I found (last picture). Richard helped boost my confidence with encouraging me to make a practice cake and then practicing to use the special decorating tips. It went pretty well, I must say. And it felt great to have made a great looking cake! From that point, I decided that doing the birthday cakes for my children would sort of be, my "thing"!
Up until April, 2011 I would use shaped pans only, with specific directions and everything! I did get a little fun with some of the cupcakes though! Which I always enjoyed as well. But Brookston requested a "racetrack with Lightning McQueen and his friends" for his 4th birthday. So, that's the first time I got a tad more creative and came up with my own racetrack with a stadium.
Then August, 2011, I had a request for an LSU cake...the eye of the tiger became the idea. This was the PERFECT cake to learn fondant (something I really want to learn, but have not yet). But, it was crunch time, I had about 4 days and I wasn't prepared to learn just then. But, this was a milestone of making my first completely free handed cake. I shaped the cake AND came up with the pattern (with the help of pictures of course). Just, no directions.
Soon, I hope to learn fondant...then the possibilities will be endless! :)

Updated:  August, 2017:  Well, I still make cakes, but, I'm getting lazy and it shows!  ;)  Some years, when a request is easy, I roll with it.  And I learned a new technique which I don't necessarily think looks as nice, but makes my life easier.  Hey, I have 4 kids!  Oh, and hasn't happened.  HA!

Here are my cakes:

Blue Fidget spinner cookie cake - Brookston's 10th birthday - May, 2017

Emoji Heart Eyes - Kaisley's 8th Birthday - February, 2017 

Pikachu - Sutton's 6th Birthday - November, 2016

Pokémon Balls cupcakes

Close up of Pokéballs

Max & Ruby - Rinley's 3rd birthday - September, 2016

Creeper Steve - Brookston's 9th Birthday - April, 2016

Pirate for school pride - Kaisley's 7th Birthday - February, 2016 

Green Power Ranger - Sutton's 5th birthday - November, 2015

Mickey Mouse - Rinley's 2nd birthday - September, 2015

5 Mickey Mouse cakes

Light saber/glow cake - Brookston's 8th Birthday - May, 2015

Snowflake - Kaisley's 6th Birthday - February, 2015

close up of the cake

                                    Dolphin's helmet - Sutton's 4th Birthday - November, 2014

Flower - Rinley's 1st Birthday - September, 2014

                                              Legos - Brookston's 7th Birthday - May, 2014

Ballet Slippers Cake - Kaisley's 5th Birthday - Feb, 2014

Dusty Cake - Sutton's 3rd Birthday - November, 2013

TKD Orange Belt Cake - Brookston's 6th Birthday - May, 2013

Princess Ariel Cake - Kaisley's 4th Birthday - Feb, 2013

Elmo Cake - Sutton's 2nd Birthday - Nov, 2012

Airplane cake - Brookston's 5th Birthday - May, 2012

Hello Kitty cake - Kaisley's 3rd Birthday - Feb, 2012

Hello Kitty cupcakes 

3D Teddy Bear cake with presents - Sutton's 1st Birthday - November, 2011

LSU Eye of the Tiger cake - August, 2011

Soccer cupcakes - Yellow Jackets - May, 2011

Cars Stadium cake - Brooktson's 4th Birthday - April, 2011

Abby cake - Kaisley's 2nd Birthday - Feb, 2011

Elmo cupcakes

Lightning McQueen cake - Brookston's 3rd Birthday - May, 2010

Cars cupcakes

Ladybug cake - Kaisley's 1st Birthday - February, 2010

Ladybug cupcakes

Monkey cake & cupcakes - Brookston's 2nd Birthday - May, 2009

3D Ducky cake - Brookston's 1st Birthday - May, 2008


heather said...

those are awesome! i'm totally a buy-it-from-the-bakery person when it comes to cakes :( ALthough this year for my kids' big party my mom did offer to make cupcakes - 6 dozen! they were delish - I think I will try it myself next year. i got lucky and only have to host one birthday party a year since my boys are 5 days apart!

and i still can't comment on your blog with my blogger account! some blogs it works, some not. i have to use the name/url thing.

Michelle said...

Heather, that is so odd about the commenting thing. I'm the same way though, lately I've been told I don't have access to the page. Even when I just tried to comment on MY OWN page it told me that!?!?? I went to my account settings recently to see if I needed to change something and couldn't see what I would possibly need to change. Maybe I should try anyway?

Jenny said...

I love your cakes and I am so jealous of your talents!! You know how much I love your cake, because I totally stole your duck idea for Olivia's first birthday, but I paid someone to do it! :)