Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Playing catch up - random

A rare moment, brought to you by: A toy out of the attic...

All 3 kids, playing together. Of course, with a baby toy! :)

Although all 3 kids REALLY like cars too!

Long story...Once a month our church does a "Parent's Night Out". We haven't participated in FOREVER, but decided the kids would especially have fun this month because it was water night. Well, one reason we never participate is because it goes late into their bed time, but mostly, because Sutton doesn't take a bottle. So, bringing a non bottle taking baby at bed time...well, that would just not be cool. So, we decided to let the "big kids" participate and go on our date with Sutton. As Richard called him, our DD for the night! ;)

(no, he wasn't on my lap driving or anything like that(I'm waaaay too much of a car seat freak for that)...the car was parked, this was post nursing, sitting in the rain while we decided what to do next...oh and yes, it rained on the poor kids for water night!) :(

See, this is where Sutton sits! :) Funny, I was posting this picture anyway, before I added that part above about how he was not in my lap while driving. I just decided to take this picture one day because I realized I never take pictures of my kids in their car seats. And well, poor buddy spends a lot of time like this between school drop off/pick up and playdates!

ARG! Kiddos after a pirate themed bday party!

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Jenny said...

Kaisley in the last pix cracks me up!