Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big boy hair cut

I have given Sutton 3 little trims in the last few months. Mostly just around the ears, a tad in the front too, but that's it. But, check out the back of his hair...I needed to clean this up! So on Monday, during bath, I brought out the scissors. He did really well, because he was playing in the bath the entire time. Unfortunately I got to focus on one side a lot more than the other since all he wanted to do was play in the running water.

I know the haircut wasn't perfect...but I was fiarly pleased. This picture was actually before I fixed up the front so it wasn't so choppy. But I needed to get a picture while he was happy. Really though, oh my goodness, he looks like Brookston here!!!!

I was just glad that the back was no longer a huge mess! But now it begins...monthly haircuts..and he's not even one! OY! This is one, and possibly the only, place that boys are more high maintenance than girls! LOL!

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