Friday, November 18, 2011

He's almost one!

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that my baby is almost one. Really? When did this happen??? Thankfully, he's now sleeping better, screaming little, and such a fun little guy. I'm loving be able to watch my littlest man turn into this sweet little thing! He loves to wave to EVERYONE (with a new wave that goes side to side, instead of opening and closing his hand), he is obsessed with fish, and enjoys big kid toys, like cars. He's not a big fan of the car, but I can't blame him, we drive a lot! He's becoming a really good eater, like the other kiddos at this age. He's a big bath lover...but he sure does protest getting out! He has 5 teeth, with #6 wanting so badly to bust through. He loves his paci, still (I say that like it's been forever, but if you read my post a few weeks ago, he only started a few weeks ago) and I love it even more. He's not even remotely interested in walking. He will cruise around a table or when pushing a toy around...but you take him away from that, or try to put him down by standing (even if you hold his hands), he will just immediately sit down. But, he can crawl super fast! :) Probably one of the CUTEST things I've seen him do is crawl up the little two steps in the bathroom, up to the sink. And immediately when he pulls up he can see himself in the mirror, he'll start waving. Love it. I'm enjoying this stage SO MUCH!

Oh, and the relationship between all 3 kids...absolutely the best. They all love each other so much and THAT right there is absolutely heart melting! You can see that Sutton loves his big brother and sister. He follows them, laughs with them, and tries his hardest to do what they do. And then to see how sweet and kind Kaisley and Brookston are with their baby brother. Oh, precious! Kaisley is constantly talking to him. She wants him to follow, asks him to what he wants to do, if he wants to play with her toys, she helps feed him, I think she enjoys a real live baby doll! :) Then Brookston, our sweet, gentle big brother. He is so caring and helpful. And melts my heart to hear him ask when we are going to have another baby. I usually say to him, it's going to be a while buddy, why do you ask? And he says because he loves Sutton and he wants another baby like him! Awwww!

(Just for the record, yes, it's going to be a baby #4 in the plans for a while!)

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3_little_arrows said...

Maddox keeps telling me he wants me to have 2 babies ;) We'll see what happens with that haha. I love seeing them interact together