Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

Good news: We went to visit Santa today.

Bad news: The printer wasn't working when we got there and by the time it was our turn, the camera wasn't working either.

Good news: They said normally they do not allow cameras or phones, as you have to buy their pictures, if you want a picture. But since their camera wasn't working, they allowed us to take our own pictures. (at least we had our phones)

Bad news: Kaisley was very timid (even though she was so excited for days) and Sutton totally freaked out!!

Good news: While they were trying to figure out the camera/printer, Santa came over and talked to the kids.

Bad news: Even though we were only about 6th in line, we were there for a good 20 minutes.

Good news: It all ended just fine!

Kaisley ignoring Santa

Brookston telling Santa that he wants a car that goes super fast!

Mailing a letter to Santa, so he remembers the super fast car!

Here was round one last year. Followed by a sibling picture to introduce Sutton.

And this year was in parts...

First Brookston!

Tried to add Sutton, since Kaisley was being very clingy. Whoa, that didn't go well.

Okay, take Sutton back to calm down. Daddy eases Kaisley on the arm of the chair, by standing RIGHT by her side.

Add in Sutton and there you have it...a loving and happy 4 year old (who is tired of smiling at this point), a very shy 2 year old (which blows my mind to call her shy) and totally freaked out 1 year old!

In their hats

Went for a little ride on the Merry Go Round before we left!

We almost never ride, so I hope I didn't just start something!


Jenny said...

Oh my gosh - your pictures made me laugh so hard - the cliche Christmas with Santa pix!!! Sorry you didn't get the "perfect" pix, but you got a perfectly memorable one!!!! Love it!!!

3_little_arrows said...

I love it!!! And, honestly, my favorite Santa pictures are the ones with freaked out kids haha (Is that wrong. Cher your babies! I love them all!