Friday, August 7, 2009

Big girl bath & New Orleans

Kaisley goes bonkers in the bath. She has a little infant tub that she can either lean back or sit up...however she bucks herself around so much we decided to try her in the big tub with this handy contraption...she LOVED it!

Or maybe she loved playing with big brother!

Soooo, cute huh? 5 1/2 months

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit...I'm absolutely exhausted. I pray that Kaisley is teething, in hopes that once a tooth pops through, she sleeps better.
We're also potty training Brookston. And while it's going well, it's pretty exhausting!
Last week, the kids and I accompanied Richard in New Orleans while he had a conference. The other lady attending the conference also had her husband and kids (8 year old boy and 2 year old girl) join her as well! So, Wednesday the other husband and I took each of our kids to the aquarium while our spouses were in the conference. Brookston has never been, but he LOVES it was great. It was also very cute to see the kids warm up to each other. Thursday a friend and her son came from Baton Rouge to play at the New Orleans Children's Museum! And Friday we left around lunch time. Both nights we hung out as families in the city and went swimming before bed!
Brookston at the first Aquarium exibit

Brookston making a new friend

Brookston & Mommy

At the Children's Museum

Mommy & Kaisley playing

(Thanks to Katherine for this photo!)

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