Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Kaisley had her 6 months shots today. After reacting soooo poorly (as in 3 weeks of crying for no known reason) after her 2 and 4 month shots, I was NOT looking forward to this round.

Well, after talking to the doctor, she got all of her shots AND the flu shot (apparently you can start as early as August!). So my poor girl got one oral vaccine and 4 shots (2 in each leg)! Poor baby! She cried like crazy, of course, but it only lasted about 15 seconds! Phew! We'll see how the next few days and the next few weeks are though!

Kaisley measured 19 pounds, 9.5 ounces! (97th percentile...of course! Do you expect anything else from a Hall baby??) And 26.75 inches (about 90th percentile...she's slowin down there!). Her head was 50th-75th percentile, whatever that equals.

We discussed her issues with solids, her poor sleep habits, her possible dog allergies, and hydration at the beach next month! Phew, it was a long appointment!

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Sara said...

Wow, what an appt.! I am sorry she has not been sleeping well for you - trust me, I know what sleep deprivation will do to you!

Sounds like she is growing good!