Friday, August 21, 2009

She's "Half"

(more pictures below)

Kaisley is now "Half" Daddy says! I can't believe our baby girl is 6 months old! When did that happen? This afternoon, 6 months ago, we were on our way to a Mardi Gras parade without a clue that we'd be holding our sweet baby girl that night!

She fits right in to our family life and schedule very well! Good thing, right? ;) She will sleep in the carseat for a decent morning nap when we are running the roads and at play dates, but I'm nervous about when she's too big for the infant carrier (it won't be long!!!!). She loves her big brother and he loves her too. It is really just so sweet to see them interacting now!

Her night time is still iffy. I thought I was blessed with a great sleeper again when she was doing 8-10 hours at 2 months old, but these last couple months she's been up and demanding food every 3-4 hours! ***Yawn!!!*** But, the last 4-5 night, she's been going 5-6.5 hours, so my fingers are crossed. My fingers are also crossed that her 6 month shots don't totally RUIN this...again!

Kaisley is sitting up unassisted really well. I won't leave her alone without a pillow behind her or sitting right by her, but she's doing great. She rolls, but usually only from back to tummy and she stays there. She doesn't seem to have much interest in crawling, which is totally okay with me! She LOVES to jump. Oh she loves it! And she has for a couple/few months now!

She started rice cereal at 5 months and started a couple fruits and veggies a couple weeks later. We've only done a few, but she REALLY likes pears, you can't fed them to her fast enough!

She has a smile that will light up my world....see below:

Kaisley's 6 month well baby visit is not until next week, so I'll update her stats then!!!


Heather said...

Happy Half Kaisley! what a cutie patootie! i hope her sleeping continues to improve. if she sleeps well in her carseat maybe she'll do well in a stroller when she outgrows the carrier?!? the only hard part is getting her in/out of the big girl carseat without waking her! we can get travis in/out without waking him if he's *really* asleep. otherwise it's 50-50 whether he'll go back to sleep in the stroller or wake up to see where he is.

Mami said...

Michelle she is time flies
I love that smile

Mami said...

She is gorgeous...I love her smile and time flies

Amanda said...

Yay! She is so cute! When we stopped using the infant carrier with Maggie, I just started transfering her to her stroller. She keeps on sleeping most of the time.