Friday, August 28, 2009

Sibling love

I've really noticed Brookston and Kaisley interacting's adorable!!!!! Some days Brookson really doesn't care about his little sister, but other days he LOVES to entertain her. He gets a kick out of making her laugh and of course she loves it too! Just the other day when we were shopping, Brookston turned around in the stroller and had Kaisley cracking up for a good 10 minutes straight!

I tried a little photo shoot of the 2 of them today...well, I guess I didn't realize how hard this would be...I honestly have very few pictures of the kiddos together and even less that are considered "good"!!!

Kaisley - "Ahhh, eeeeehhh" (Cheese! I'm here mommy! Take my picture!!!)
Brookston - "No pictures, no mommy", as he scoots away from Kaisley.

Well, at least he was next to her!

He did end up giving her a hug...

And then wanted to lay on her!!!!! Kaisley thought it was funny!!!

Awwww, Big Brother playing with his little sister! Doesn't it melt your heart??

In other news of the week, Brookston started sleeping in his BIG, big boy bed. Before he was in the toddler bed, but we finally let him get in the big bed! Now that we have a rail at least!

And here is Kaisley enjoying peas! Good girl!