Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sesame Street Live

Brookston and mommy went to see "1-2-3 Imagine" by Sesame Street Live this morning! We were given 2 tickets by a very generous friend with extras. It was so much fun to see Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Abby, Grover, Bert, Oscar, and "honk honk"...those were Brookston's favorites! But there were a quite a few more characters there!

We were sitting in the front row, to the side, where we were litterally between the 2 sets of stairs that the characters went between, or used to get on stage, the entire production! There was about 15 feet between these stairs, so besides the fact that it scared Brookston a number of times at the beginning (poor thing, he was on my lap and you could feel him tense and shake each time), but as time went on, he was looking for them to say hi! Bert especially! He seemed to be on our side a lot! We got to see them up close more times than I could even try to could feel the wind as they ran by...that's how close we were. They even came to shake Brookston's hand, give high fives, and wave many many times.

Brookston seemed to enjoy himself. It was a mixture between getting into the music and dancing and being in total awe of the whole thing! I'd say it was a successful!

The purple one was "honk, honk" according to Brookston...anyone know his name??

***UPDATE: Apparently there are 4 of them, in different colors, and called, "The Honkers". Phew, case solved...maybe Brookston already knew that!

And Brookston watching "honk honk" was probably the most entertaining part for me! Almost EVERY time Brookston heard him honk his nose, Brookston would bop himself in the nose! hehehehe!!

Time to dance the hula (I think that's what they were doing!?!)

We were sitting just feet away from those we saw EVERYONE this close!


Cindy said...

I LOVED Sesame Street Live as a kid and can't wait to share it (or something similar) with Hannah! Playhouse Disney came last November, but with just being shy of 2, we thought she may still be a little young. I'm glad that Brookston had so much fun!!!

Julie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm so glad you got to go and be up so close.

Amanda said...

Glad you guys had fun! Sesame Street Live will be here next month and I was debating on whether or not Noah would like it or not. I know he is too young to get it...but I thought he might like all the singing and dancing.