Monday, March 21, 2011

He Rolled! And School Conference

Just a little update from my video of Sutton almost rolling. Well, this morning he did it! He completed the roll. And now I sit here on the floor with him, he's going for a repeat of the big event! YAY! Go buddy! Maybe he'll get some more tummy time in this way. Something I haven't been that great with doing so far!

This morning was also Brookston's parent/teacher conference at school. In January his lead teacher left for a new school and the assistant took over as lead teacher. (As well as getting a new assistant.) I was okay with this change because I knew the previous assistant/new lead was great, but today I really got to see how GREAT this change was. I learned all sorts of new things they've been doing. There's more routine, there's more learning, and there's more communication! At this school we have to go inside for drop off and pick up, so I do get to exchange a line or two about his day most of the time. But today we got to talk for 30 minutes about just HIM! So, I got to learn about his typical days, the stuff he's learning, his strengths and weaknesses, his "school" personality, how he plays with others, how he communicates with his teachers, and so on. His teacher really took the time to talk to me and tell me everything. I'm SO happy with his teacher and I know he loves her too!

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