Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

Sutton is rolling like crazy!!!! As in, you lay him on his back and he rolls within seconds. And rolls all over! He's already going "across" the room. That is until he hit a pile of toys too big to roll over! Oy!

This morning I put him on the floor and next thing I saw, he was at least 3 full rolls away! Ready to roll again! The other two didn't use rolling to get around, but I'm wondering if he will do just that to sort of keep up with the big kids!

Since starting to roll, I've noticed how much stronger his head/neck has become! I guess since his goal is to get on his belly, he's been doing a LOT more tummy time lately and it shows!!!!

Here is Sutton being a big boy going for a walk! It was his first time in JUST the stroller, not in his infant seat, in his stroller!

We went to my friend Megan's the other day and she took this picture! Kaisley did not want to smile (so we got a tongue! And a baby! And she's wearing an Abby outfit), Brookston was complaining that he couldn't hold Sutton, and Sutton only wanted to chew on his hand! But with all of that, it turned out pretty cute!!!

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