Friday, March 4, 2011

Kiddie Mardi Gras = cute chaos

Brookston's school had a mardi gras parade today. So last night, we got decorations and suped up the wagon! :)

Brookston with his tattoos and mask

Kaisley and Brookston ready for the party & parade

Brookston and Kaisley ready to go

TONS of kids! Lots of fun!

Riding past kids ready to catch beads!

Here comes their "float"!

Throw me something Brookston & Kaisley!

And during lunch and KING CAKE :) they let Kaisley join, once again! She loves getting to be a big girl in class!


Jenny said...

I love the pix and stories!!! I love it!! I know Olivia would love to go on the gator swamp tour whenever we make it down your way - is it very far away???

Michelle said...

Right around an hour....maybe it was a hair less! :)