Friday, March 11, 2011

My baby is getting big!

Sutton LOVED the bumbo yesterday! I'm pretty sure he thought he was Mr. Cool!

And below is him again, acting like such a big boy. He's working on rolling! While he's not quite there yet, he really seems to enjoy going from his back to his side. And loves when I help him get that leg all the way over so he can complete the roll. I get a big grin and giggle out of him! He's not a huge fan of tummy time though, so he gets himself back onto his back in a short amount of time. Funny that he still trys to roll, even when he's not a big fan of tummy time! :)

And do you see that hand all up in his hair! He's been pulling out his own hair! Stinker! See the bald spot? Granted some of it is just rubbing off (Kaisley too had a nice head of hair and was fairly bald by 4-6 months), but he's also doing a great job of making a bald spot on that right side! And he's found further back on his head...since the spot he had been pulling on is now basically bare!

Night time update: Last night was a great night. Those bad nights are just once or twice a week. But last night, he would just eat and go back to sleep peacefully. Woke up in a great mood around 7:30am! Of course when I say "great night", this DOES include feeding him usually 2-3 times! But hey, I'm all for feeding him, if it makes for a happy baby!!!

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