Friday, July 1, 2011

Water fun

Just some pictures of the many things we did in the water at the lake...

We brought out the tube to just play in by the pier, in hopes the kids would get used to the water, plus the idea of the worked! They had a blast, ended up IN the water and later went tubing behind the boat!

We had a number of floats to chose from as well!

Sutton also enjoyed, from dry land!

I was so proud of how brave the kids were in the lake. Last year Brookston mentioned that he did not want to go in the "black water" because he couldn't see the bottom. This year he was all about it.

We went for a couple boat rides, before tubing. Just to get used to things!

Brookston even fell asleep at one point! When we had our boat he OFTEN did it was quite cute!

Mommy & the big kiddos took the paddle boat down to the "store" and got icee's and ice cream!

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