Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That's a full tub!

I cannot at all remember when I put my others in the big tub for the first time, but Sutton had a blast the other night when he finally had his turn! It was certainly time as he was NOT enjoying bath time in his little tub. And even better, it was one bath for all 3 kids. And again, even better is that Kaisley and Brookston were seperated by Sutton! It was quite successful and rather peaceful in terms of bathing 3 at once!

In other news...Sutton is doing his own version of crawling quite well. He tries to chase Kaisley quite a bit. Of course it takes him a little while, but he does follow her room to room when she encourages him with "come get me Sutty, come get me!"

Sutton waved for the first time last week.

He now has 2 teeth.

He is pulling up to a standing position.

He is pushing himself up from laying down to a sitting position.

Wow....he is just getting so big, so fast.

Still not a big fan of sleeping in long stretches....BUT, most nights do NOT consist of a screaming match at 3am anymore. YAY!!!!

Just like big brother....a bin of matchbox cars kept him happy for a FULL HOUR! Yes, he sat RIGHT HERE for that entire time. No one playing with him. He didn't move from this spot!

My loves!

And a little video of Sutton:


heather said...

so cute! and what is it about boys and matchbox cars?!

p.s. i still can't post using my blogger id. i have to enter my name and link my site. WTH!

Sara said...

Oh, they are so cute!! And can you believe how big and grown up they get so fast??!