Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tubing on the lake

Here is our fun tubing...

Sutton was not fond of his life jacket...

But he did fall asleep for quite a bit of the ride!

Kaisley wanted to go FIRST...go girl! And of course we were going super slow, so she wanted to touch the water!

After waving to us on the boat, she was waving to other boaters!

Brookston took his turn and after a few minutes, signaled that he wanted to go FASTER!

Love his expression! (just moments after going faster)

Then he braved going ALONE!

Then Daddy got his turn....

And Mommy waiting to get started too!

A couple videos...

And here's Richard...sorry I didn't follow him the very best...I was holding Kaisley between my legs, holding a sleeping Sutton and taking the video in the air without looking at all. Once I watched it, I was actually quite pleased!

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Sara said...

How fun! Love the life jacket on Sutton-it looks like it swallowed him!