Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A little mix

Just some fun pictures I wanted to share...I realized I put a number of these on f.aceboo.k, which is unusual for me. Usually I put them here, but not there. So, here's a few:

Here's Sutton on one of our weekly lunch dates with friends! I'm guessing by the hat you can figure out where we were!

Brookston enjoying the water slide at his friend's birthday party. He and mommy enjoyed this party, just the two of them. While the whole family was invited, daddy had a lunch with a board he's on and the little kids needed their nap!

There were TONS of water balloons! The kids had a blast! And the hostess said that she, her husband and the grandfather spent 3 hours filling these water balloons, only for the kids to blow through them in about 5 minutes!

Brookston and his buddies from school

Last night the kids and I went to dinner at a kid's night that had Bubbles the clown. She did face painting and balloons!

So, Brookston became Spiderman....he loved it!

Kaisley was very very hesitant, but curious. So, Bubbles had her sit on my lap, then she did one step at a time on my arm, followed by doing it on Kaisley's arm (she has obviously done this before!) In the end, Kaisley was soooo excited about her flowers!

Kaisley thought this was HILARIOUS! I swaddled her up, but as the kids say, it's a cocoon! She was so excited to be in her cocoon, she laid there giggling for quite a while.

So....maybe this is why daddy says girls are expensive! She's two and already obsessed with shoes! Hey, at least she's organizing them!

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