Friday, December 30, 2011

2nd place again!

Every year our neighborhood has a Christmas lights contest. We won 2nd place this year!

We really didn't do much in terms of decorating outside/lights until we thought maybe Brookston was old enough that he'd enjoy the view. So, in 2008, we started decorating.

2008 - We didn't win anything! So sad. I know I was a little insulted because ours looked much better than 3rd place, for sure! Haha! So we bought some extra stuff after the season was over, with our minds set to go "all out" next year.
2009 - We won 2nd place...yay us! 1st place was a house that decorates the entire roof and has something in every square foot of the yard. So we were pleased with our 2nd place win! Picture
2010 - No outside decorations since we had a newborn in the house. We felt a tad bit guilt about this, but decided a 2 day - 4 week old was a good reason to slack.
2011 - We won 2nd place again. Wahoo! (that's the picture above) We actually did a little less than in '09, but that's because we had a few items worn too much by the weather.

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