Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sweet sibling moments & mean virus

I just love sweet moments like this. All 3 kids playing together. This is enought to just melt a mama's heart! L-O-V-E!


I'm hoping to get our Christmas pictures up here soon. Unfortunately I'm a little behind due to a nasty little virus that attacked our house last week. Kaisley fell first, followed by me, Sutton and then Brookston on Christmas Eve. It was a tricky little virus, as we had been 48 hours free of any symptoms in the house (which had me very excited that Christmas plans could/would happen). I cloroxed everything on Christmas Eve day, we had just finished preparing the house for the family's get together on Christmas...and I heard Brookston cough, cough, cough over the monitor. It was midnight on Christmas Eve and I knew this was exactly how the others happened...Brookston got sick! Luckily that was it and he was feeling good for Christmas. But, it meant we had to cancel the family get together since the virus was obviously very mean and lingers. My parents and grandma arrived on Christmas day from out of town. So, no big they are sick. Oy! I'm sure they are loving their little Christmas vacation!

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Heather said...

No fun with the virus! I heard of SO many families who had it over Christmas. 3 of us got it a few weeks before Christmas but I was so nervous that it would strike again during the holidays. I think I'm developing a vomit-phobia. Ugh! I hope you were able to reschedule your Christmas plans!