Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas celebration

It always happens...I post an event a week after it happened, so I just touch on the highlights. Better late than never though, so here it is!

We started off Christmas Eve day with making cupcakes for Jesus! You have to have a cake for everyone's birthday, so this was a request by the kids! Nothing too special, but the kids helped all the way through and seemed to really enjoy themselves!

We also baked and frosted some cookies to put out for Santa. I think this was actually the first year we did it, since Brookston is of the age of really getting into things! (We've done cookies every year, just not placed them at the fire place for Santa.)

Just before bed! Then we placed out cookies and milk. And Daddy read "The Night Before Christmas" to the big kids.

Unfortunately around midnight we saw Brookston, as this is when he got sick, twice. Poor buddy! We obviously knew that the family Christmas would be cancelled at this point and were very glad we didn't talk up the family get together earlier in the day. I was very sad for the kids to miss Christmas with their cousins. But I knew we'd still make a great day out of it!

Christmas morning, Kaisley sees that PINK scooter that she asked Santa to bring to her!

And Brookston got his blue remote control race car!

Sutton seemed to have a great time on Christmas morning!

The kids got a Jeep, but Kaisley was a little hesitant at first!

But Brookston and Sutton LOVED IT!

Daddy got a Keurig...and got a little jittery from trying so many cups on Christmas day! :)

Nana, Papa, and Yiayia arrived a little after lunch time (from out of town). The kids were so excited to see them and we were especially excited to have the company since we had to cancel our family get together.

We ended up cooking a modified Christmas dinner. Our normal family holiday meals include everyone bringing a couple dishes. But since the get together was cancelled at our house, we didn't have everything. I think we made the best of it and had a decent dinner in the end!

After dinner with the 8 of us (Me, Richard, Brookston, Kaisley, Sutton, Nana, Papa, and Yiayia), we opened presents from Nana, Papa, and Yiayia, as well as the gifts from the family! (Richard drove by to drop off our stuff to the family and pick up the stuff for ours.) So, we got to do presents all over again!! But we really missed the family and all of the excitement of seeing everyone! :(

Brookston opening a present

Kaisley loving her umbrella

Sutton LOVED this toy!

And to wrap up Christmas...Grandpa made a special delivery on the 26th to deliver their present. WOW, how exciting to get this HUGE present. It was an outdoor playhouse, which is already getting some great use!

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