Thursday, December 29, 2011

Introducing Teddy, Kitty Cat, and Breezy

This was our first B.uild a b.ear experience! At first, Brookston didn't want to help fill his bear, but by the time it was Sutton's bear, he was all about helping. Kaisley didn't really care all that much, she just wanted her Kitty!!! And Sutton is absolutely in love with teddy bears right now!

Brookston helping the lady fill the bear

Sutton giving his Teddy a hug

Kaisley at the bath station for her kitty

All 3 kids with their new friends, ready to go home!

Breezy, Kitty Cat, and Teddy getting some love!

Breezy is a Saints football player, Kitty Cat has her own PJ's on and Teddy stayed without clothes, since Sutton liked him just the way he was! :)

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